10 pieces PL259 Connector

Easy install PL259 Connector. You get 10 pieces.

10 pieces PL259 Connector

10 pieces of PL259 connectors

Note: Installation requires soldering the center conductor


By design, all connectors in the UHF connector family mate using the ​5⁄8 inch 24 tpi threaded shell for the shield connection and an approximately 0.156 inch-diameter (4 mm) pin and socket for the inner conductor. Similar connectors (M connectors) with an incompatible 16 mm diameter, 1 mm metric thread have been produced, but these are not standard UHF connectors by definition.

Surge impedance

UHF connectors have a non-constant surge impedance. For this reason, UHF connectors are generally usable through HF and the lower portion of what is now known as the VHF frequency range. Despite the name, the UHF connector is rarely used in commercial applications for today's UHF frequencies, as the non-constant surge impedance creates measurable electrical signal reflections above 100 MHz.

Virtually all of the impedance bump and loss is in the UHF female. A typical SO-239 UHF female, properly hooded, has an impedance bump of about 35 Ohms. The length of the bump is typically ​1⁄2 inch, where the female pin flares to fit over the male pin. This bump can be mitigated by using a honeycomb dielectric in the female pin area. Many VHF/UHF amateur operators use special UHF females that maintain a 50 Ohm surge impedance.

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